Q & A 2017

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Q & A 2017
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When the registration will start?
  • The registration period is between 25th Aug, 2016 to 16th December, 2016
    However if the participants reach to capacity, we will close the entry registration.

This is how to apply your entry.
  • • Family Mart (only Fami Port)
    • Okinawa Bank
    • Koza shinyo Bank
    • Okinawa Marathon Executive Committee Office
    • The Ryukyu Shimpo Co, Ltd Every Branch
    • Post office

What is the capacity of the race?
  • • Full Marathon : 13,000   10km : 2,500   Half Marathon : 400

Can I apply by cell phone or smart phone?
Are proxy runners permitted?
  • No. Only officially registered runner is allowed to run the race.

Will the receipt be issued?
  • [Credit Card]
    The receipt will not be issued.
    Please use the invoice issued by the credit card company.

    [Dedicate transfer form]
    The receipt will not be issued. Please keep the payment form as receipt.

I already complete the entry, and when will I get the notification?
  • We well send the notification out to arrive about a week prior to the race.

    The arrival date of the notification will vary, depending on the area you live.

I already complete the entry, however I have to cancel the entry for personnel reason.
  • After completing the entry, we can’t accept the cancelation and the entry fee is not refundable.

What is the commemoration?
  • It is a T-shirt (SS・S・M・L・LL) or a Sports Towel.
    You can pick it up at the commemoration booth at the gym after pick up your number card on the day before race day.

What is the size? (cm notation)
  • Size SS(XS) S M L LL(XL)
    Design Garment Length 59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5 71.5
    Body Width 44 47 50 53 56
    Shoulder Width 42 44 46 48 50
    Sleeve Length 19 20 21 22 23

Q & A 2017
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How’s my number located on the start line?
  • [Full marathon runners]

    There will be line up area which are A (The competitor sector), B~G (General Sector).
    *Please line up to the appropriate blocks which are listed on your number card (Alphabets notation front of number)

    *We put the number card precedence with these ①, ②, ③.

    ① Full Marathon best time in the past 3 years.
    ② Completion numbers of the Okinawa Marathon
    ③ Order of reception date


    [10km runners]

    Please line up at the starting line after the end of full marathon runners pass the starting line.
    Please line up to front row if your best time is within 40 minutes.

How many water supply points are there on the course?
  • There are 8 points on the course, 5km, 10.1km, 14.3km, 20.1km, 25km, 31.6km, 35.3km, and 40.3km.

What is the time limit on the marathon?
  • • Full Marathon : 6 hours 15 minutes
    • 10km : 1 hour 20 minutes
    • Half Marathon : 3 hours.

How do I retire from the race?
  • Please step aside to side walk and call the event staffs.

From what age can I participate?
  • Those who are over 16 on the race day are eligible to participate. Competitor sector is only for those who are over 18 with registered at Japan Athletic Association.

What are the Japan Athletic Association runners?
  • Those who are members of Athletic Association. Anyone can register but it requires the registration fees. If you apply for the competitor sector, please register at the each Athletic Association office before apply for the race.

Where can I pick up the number card?
  • You can pick up your number card and commemoration goods from the gym at the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park.
    *Day before the race day: 10a.m. ~ 8p.m.

Are Pace Advisers available?
  • Yes, there are Pace Advisers “Team Rabbits’’ who will support you to complete the race with your finishing target time within 4-6 hours.

What do I do if I feel sick during the race?
  • ・Please step aside to side walk. There are staffs on the course, so please call staff near you for guidance.

How much space is distance notation?
  • There are distance sign at every 1km point and half point on the course.

What do I do when I couldn’t make it on time limit?
  • Traffic regulation will be released right away, so please step aside to side walk, then get on the retired runners collection bus.

Q & A 2017
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Are there parking lots anywhere?
  • Please use temporary parking lots. Every parking lots can be used from 6:30a.m. There will be free shuttle bus service to main venue.
    Here is detail.
    » http://www.okinawa-marathon.com/eng/access_and_parking_lots.html

    *Parking will be limited at every parking lot, so we would like you to use public transportation such as buses, taxi, or carpools to main venue.

Will toll shuttle busses be available?
  • There will be transportation plan by travel company. There is transportation plan from Naha. Reservation is needed to secure your seat, so please contact the company.

    Tabilabo Okinawa TEL: (098)958-4562

Can you tell me how to access to Main venue?
Can you tell me places to stay around the course?
  • There is information about accommodations around the course on the Government Association municipal Region of Central Okinawa’s website “Mainichi Chu-bu”.

    Here is their Homepage
    »  http://maichu.jp/pickup/2016_okinawa_marathon/

Q & A 2017
On the race dayExpand All | Collapse All

Is there a place where I can store my baggage and valuable belongings?
  • Yes, we have a pay storage in the gym (500yen) please feel free to use it.

    19 Feb. 2017, 7:00am~9:30am

    • Please bring your number card to storage reception.
    • The charge is 500 yen. We accept electronic money.
    • The storage closes at 5:00pm, so please collect your baggage before then.
    * We do not accept large amount of money, fragile things like glasses, and really expensive belongings.
    * We only accept folding umbrella, to avoid damaging it and other baggage.

    The size of the baggage is limited to
    height + width + long = 120cm

    Baggage storage service(Pay) time. (Okinawa Yamato Transport Ltd)
    • Storing time: 7:00am ~ 9:30am
    • Pick up time: ~ 17:00

Are there toilets in the facility and on the course?
What do I do if I lost the number card notification?
  • Please go to the re-issue booth before you pick up your number card at the gym.

Will the Marathon be hold in the bad weather?
  • If it will be judged to not be able to with the defective condition of race course or extremely bad weather, it will be that a part of events cancel or entirely race cancel.

Can I deposit my special drink?
  • We will accept your special drink between 7a.m. to 8a.m. on the race day.


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